Summer Savory or Bulgarian Chubritsa is native to Southeastern Europe. The health benefits of this herb are numerous. Naturopaths suggest that oil of Summer Savory may help treat a variety of symptoms and aid in weight loss. If you make a tea out of it you can get ride of diarrhea, stomachache and sore throat. It can also be used as an antiseptic and help skin irritations of bug bits.

Summer savory has a strong flavor and tastes similar to thyme. It complements beef, fish and chicken well. You can add it to any recipe that calls for oregano. Because it is hard to find in the States, most recipes of and our cookbooks call for oregano instead of summer savory.

On a table in the States you will have salt and pepper shakers, but on a Bulgarian table will have a three condiment dish with 1) salt, 2) paprika, and 3) summer savory. When these are mixed together it is know as sharena sol or colorful salt.