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6 Health Benefits of Walnuts

They have neuroprotective compounds They support brain health They increase inferential reasoning in young adults They have vitamin E They contain omega-3 fatty acids Helps improve bone health It is during this time of year in Bulgaria, that Walnuts are beginning to be gathered.

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LIVE HEIRLOOM Bulgarian Bacteria Yogurt Starter Probiotic Culture by LBB Bulgaricum on Etsy

LBB Special PROBIOTIC Blend ® HEIRLOOM Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Starter Culture for Bulgarian Yogurt Yoghurt Natural Bio Organic Probiotic Buy a genuine traditional product direct from the source “LB Bulgaricum” is the ONLY state-owned company in the milk-processing sector in Bulgaria, ONLY allowed to operate, select and mix the yeasts and starter cultures isolated in Bulgaria, …