1. Start with forming dough into the base shape of the face with hat
  2. Add a ball to the tip of hat
  3. Add a strip of dough for the base of hat
  4. Add two small strips for eye brows
  5. Place small balls under small strips for eyes
  6. Take a piece of dough and cut into strips for beard and place over base shape
  7. Add mustache, by cutting one piece of rolled dough into strips
  8. Then put small ball for mouth
  9. Coat with egg wash
  10. Bake at 375F for 20 minutes

The Bulgarian name of Santa Claus is Dyado Koleda, “Grandfather Koleda” or Dyado Mraz, “Grandfather Frost” which is a similar Russian-imported character lacking the Christian connotations and therefore being popular during Communism.

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