In Bulgarian cooking, sausage makers will make their own smoked salt for thier hand crafted sausages. This adds a unique flavor and is a technique that must not be lost. All you have to do is hang a bag filled with salt (which is to be added to sausage recipe) in the working chimney and it will obtain the smoky flavor.

Larry Linton shares some of his favorite thoughts on making DIY smoked salt. Just fill a strong cotton canvas bag with pickling salt or kosher salt or even table salt and tie it up in the stove pipe be sure that you make the bag no more than three inches in diameter, about 6 inches wide when you sew it on the sewing machine. I use a piece of 8 to 10 ounce canvas about 1 foot by sixteen inches, you want an inch or more to turn down for a heavy cotton or leather pucker string around the top, never use plastic or nylon they burn. I have a “T” about two to three feet above the stove which I uncover and drop the bag of salt in and tie it to something and put the cover back on and forget it for a day or so. Just don’t burn your chimney and forget about it. Normal temperatures are fine. It is good to salt meat with or add to any sauce or soup. It makes a very good addition to seafood soups. The main by product of combustion is water, smoke is nearly 1/2 water vapor, especially if the wood is damp. If you have a creosote problem catch the black gooey stuff in a can and strain it into a jar, it works fine as a seasoning to marinade any meat in especially pork chops or a few drops in any dish. It is very strong so only use a drop or so and taste and decide – more or less.