With the ingredients of tomatoes, cucumbers and feta, this salad resembles the colors of the Bulgarian national flag. No Bulgarian meal would be complete without a salad and the most traditional of them would be this one called “shopska”. Shopska is derived from the Bulgarian word “shoppi” which refers to the peasants from the region of Sofia, the capital.

This salad is similar to your typical Greek salad. You can add extras including black or green olives or even a few slices of bell pepper. Yet, adding any more ingredients such as ham, dried sausage or boiled eggs, you will end up with another traditional Bulgarian salad called sheppard’s salad or ovcharska salata, which is a meal in itself.

Click here for recipe: https://bulgariancooking.com/recipe-for-light-summer-tomato-and-cucumber-shopka-salad-with-bulgarian-feta/