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Bulgarian Cooking features Find BG Food for Authentic Bulgarian Recipes

For some of your favorite traditional Bulgarian meals visit our friends at FindBGFood. Here you can find recipes for: Kyopoolu (eggplant dip) Chushka Byurek (Cheese Stuffed Peppers) Lukanka Lyutenitza Shkembe (Tripe soup) Bob chorba (white beans soup) Supa Topcheta (meatball soup) Shopska Salad Green salad Stuffed tomato salad Meshana skara (Mixed grill) Kebapche Kavarma Lozovi …


Bulgarian Cooking Features the Authentic Bulgarian Flavors of Annie’s Bulgarian Cuisine

When working full-time in a hectic society, there is often no time to cook. Annie’s Bulgarian Cuisine is a great alternative offering home-cooked Bulgarian meals. Here are some of Annie’s featured meals: Follow her on Facebook here:¬† Follow Bulgarian Cooking here: