Bulgaria’s dairy industry is largely known for it’s manufacture of 1) feta, 2) a yellow cheese “kashkaval” and 3) yummy yogurt. Bulgarian yogurt has a very distinct taste like none other because of a naturally occurring priobiotic called, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus which is native to Bulgaria.

What most do not know is that this natural bacterium used to make yogurt in Bulgaria is the same one you will find in the yogurts manufactured in the States and World-Wide.  Many times in the States, this yogurt is labeled and marketed as “Greek” yogurt, but if you look at the active cultures on the ingredients label you will see it is made with L. Bulgaricus from Bulgaria.

L. Bulgaricus, a special kind of lactobacilli was discovered by Bulgarian Dr. Stamen Grigorov in 1905. It is a helpful bacterium that fights harmful bacteria in our digestive system. The health benefits are numerous.

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