Authentic Bulgarian Street Food By BULGARIAN GRILL in LONDON

They sell Bulgarian grill at markets and open-space events. Their meats are locally-sourced and farm-assured. They also have a food hygiene rating of 5 and proud members of NCASS.

We, like you, love to travel the world and try new and different foods. Living in London gives us easy access to a delightful variety of world cuisines. When we noticed that our native Bulgarian food was severely under-represented on this grand scene, we set out to change this. We combined our love for cooking with the tasty memories of the food we used to eat at home and on the streets where we grew up. As a result, we are proud to be the first to bring you authentic Bulgarian street food, prepared to a standard worthy of your taste.


Bulgarian Grill accepts office team orders in West London (along the A4) for lunchtime delivery.